Do you ever read something funny and think: how the heck did they do that? Do you watch sitcoms or funny plays and wonder what methods the writers use to get you giggling? Do you wish you could write funny, too? Or perhaps you know you can and want to sharpen your skills.

This five-week beginner writing course on Comedy and Humour will offer you a chance to discover the secrets behind witty punchlines, hilarious dialogue, amusing plots, funny characters and LOL verse. Fran Hill, a humour writer and English teacher, will use examples from writers and comedians to show you how they do it and to help you do it too. Get ready to play! 

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Week 1: Comedy for story writers

Week 2: Comedy for playwrights

Week 3: Comedy for poets

Week 4: Comedy for jokers

Week 5: Comedy for non-fiction

Course begins Friday 29 January, 2021.